Chaff Cutter

Problem Cause Troubleshooting
High machine vibration or strong noise 1.Bearing damage
2.Spindle bending and
3.Loose connectionhe
4.The weight difference between the structural parts of the two sets of quillotine knives
1.Replacement of bearings
2.Replace the spindle
3.Tighten the linkage
4.Replacement ofsymmetrical quillotine
structural parts
Difficulty in starting and overheating of the motor or weakness in starting and working of the motor 1.Voltage is too low
2.The cross-sectional area of the wire is too small
3.The fuse is easy to blow
4.Long time overload
5.The motor capacitor is damaged
1.Avoid the peak of elect ricity consumption before starting
2.Change the wire with appropriate cross-sectional area
3.Change the fuse to match the capacity of the motor
4.Work under rated load
5.Replace the electric

Combinedrice Mill

Problem Cause Troubleshooting
Rice mill machine vibrationa lot or loud nose when running 1.bearing damage
2.roler shaft of rice mill was bent
3.screw or nut lcose roller lose balance
1.replace the bearing
2.uncurl the roller or replace
3.fasten the screw and nut
4.counter-balance of roller

Rice Mill

Problem Cause Troubleshooting
no rice come out 1.machine get stock
2.parts in the machine get damaged or fall off
1.clean machine inside parts and blockage
2.repalce the damaged parts and reinstall the parts tightly

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